Informacja w języku Angielskim

Do You want to become professional driver in Polish commercial transportation company?

Contact with Us.

The only thing what You have to do is:

1)Contact with Us by sending e-mail: with :

  • Photo of driving licence
  • Photo of first page of passport
  • Phone numer
  • E-mail address

2)After verifing your documents we’ll help You in:

  • Arranging an entry visa to Poland
  • You’ll receive appropriate traning:

a/periodic traning – if your driving licence category C,C+E was issued before 9 of September 2009 – traning will cost 1 200,00 euro
In that price we are guaranteed 6 days of accomodation, medical and psychological examinations and other costs, drivers qualifications certificate which authorizing to practice as a driver in whole territory of European Union, You’ll get driver’s card to service digital tachograph
b/accelerated re-qualification – valid when your driving licence was issued after 10 of September 2009. Training will go over 30days and the cost is 2 500,00 euro

3) We’ll find you work in good transtortation company, where your monthly on-hand salary will be between 1300,00 to 1500,00 euro

4)If you are in difficult financial situation we’ll help you finalized your whole traning procces. But you’ll have to worked off in company in which you’ll be working :

a/ periodic traning – 1 850euro payable by deduction from salary in 10 installments 185,00euro each
b/long traning – 3 500,00euro payable by deduction from salary in 10 installments 300,00euro each

VERY IMPORTANT. You have to meet 2 conditions :
Driving licence category C,C+E and 3 years experience in driving a truck
Very good knowledge on English language

Interested. Contact with Our company. We are working from Monday – Friday from 7:00 – 15:00.

Phone numer : + 48 517 706 445 – working hours 8.00 – 15.00


Webside :

Address: 7 Przemysłowa Street, 64-920 Piła , Poland